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-old regina butler in connection with his death. neighbors say she was jacobson's girlfriend. police said they had been investigating her on suspicion of defrauding jacobson out of insurance money. >>> a chilling video of showing a woman robbed at her own doorstep. police hope this will help others find the robbers. they've linked to a case gang, accused of oakland's most violent crimes. officers arrested 18 suspected gang members and seized 11 firearms during a scene of early morning raid yesterday. it is unclear whether any arrested are linked with this robbery. >>> not guilty, the plea from the san jose man accused of trying to bomb an oakland bank as part of a terrorist plot. he faces federal charges for trying to bomb a bank of america branch in oakland last month. he tried to detonate a bomb he didn't realize was a fake. it was created under the supervision of an undercover fbi agent. if convicted yuneza faces life in prison. >>> berkeley's world famous chez panise could reopen next weekend. an early morning fire yesterday badly damaged the front built by woodworkers four decades ag
to show you the booking photograph for regina butler. she was arrested on thursday. police believe she killed 69- year-old stan jacobson whose body went unfound in his apartment for a month. butler was trying to scam him for insurance. >> a man has been arrested in a separate deadly stabbing this week. the 20-year-old killed a 27- year-old eric wright whose body was found on wednesday. we were there shortly after the find. the investigators say wright had been stabbed several times and they don't believe the killing was danger related. >> the where abouts of many california sex offenders is unknown. last year a law took effect that sent paroled sex offender who messed with their gps's to county jail but they are over crowded so must served little to no time at all. lawmakers say that makes them more likely to risk cutting off the devices, on wednesday the associated press reported the number of paroled offender who are fugitives is 15% higher than it was before the law went into effect. >> tomorrow cat haven plans to reopen. this is where an intern was killed by a lion on wednesday.
arrested his girlfriend known as regina butler in this case. >> another fatal stabbing in san jose, wednesday 's homicide in the area was not gang related. he had been stabbed several times. police say they don't have a motive in the case yet or any suspects. they hope to release the name of the victim soon. >> time is running out. a big homeless camp clean up is planned this morning in san jose. she has been out at the camp and you haven't out there a few times in the last couple of weeks. does it look like people will pack up and leave or stay. >> now that it's light out we see people moving around. the people behind us are packing up and moving around. you can see the gentleman there has been removing the tarp and folding them out. they have a car they'll put most of their belongings in. her car registration expired. she can't afford to pay it. she used to be a home care nurse but she had to quit her job to take care of sick relatives. she hasn't been able to find a job sense and she tells me they don't know where they're going to go next. in the past couple of months, this gras
. this woman regina butler. is accused of stabbing and killing her boyfriend in his apartment. this was the scene thursday hilltop manor senior home. from dementia-- went missing in early february. police say at some point over the last few weeks, he showed up without anyone noticing. and was killed. this marked san jose's eighth homicide of the year. >> here's a story we can guarantee to tell you about once a year. it's nearly time for clocks to "spring forward". daylight savings starts at 2 a-m sunday, so make sure to sleep tonight. you'll lose an hour of shut- eye, but. look at the bright side: the time change means warmer days of spring and summer, are on the way. of sleep back - you'll have to wait awhile. daylight saving time ends >> coming up on kron 4 news weekend >> let's take a quick look outside this morning. it where seconds as the clear by late morning hours. a: a breezy out there but it will be a beautiful day. still a little bit chilly and the north bay, upper thirties' their parian spheres ahead forties' along the eastern shores. lotus mid-40s in the south bay.
mattresses under piles of laundry. his girlfriend, regina, louise, butler, was later arrested on suspicion of homicide. >>> in san francisco, a court hearing expected today for a 24-year-old woman accused of kicking a toddler for no apparent reason at golden gate park. police say sabrina bell walked past a man and his daughter and kicked the little girl in the chest. the girl fell to the ground and hit her head but luckily was not seriously hurt. >>> breaking news right now in san jose. the east side union high school district confirming a sex offender recently did travel with students during a field trip. "today in the bay" marla tallez has been working on this story live at andrew hill high school with the latest. good morning, marla. >> reporter: jon, good morning. that field trip happened back on february 13th. now the details are coming to light. san jose police confirmed the department is investigating this field trip that took students from an due hill high school to deanza college in cupertino. the registered sex offender did ride the bus but officer albert morales tells me the per
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5